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Arriving at the gates in her goddess regalia Tanari noticed the appearance had changed dramatically over the eons. It's power had gotten stronger since she had been away. Adjusting her crown, symbolic of strength, love, political power and war Tanari stood before the enormous red sullen gates embracing the intense pulsation permeating. Lost in a gaze at the unconscious darkness transcending the gates she noticed a silver light penetrating releasing new energy. Compelled with renewed strength and composure Tanari stepped towards the opening light as it descended straight down before her. Visualising herself rising and expanding Tanari passed through the portal determined to fulfil permanent universal change where courage, inner stability, acceptance and maturity were to be the new beginnings for this cycle of life.

About the piece:

Tanari the brave, bold and alluring Cosmic Medallion pendant necklace, handcrafted using Botswana Agate gemstones and gold coloured copper wire. Each gemstone has been individually attached to the other in a rosary link style to create the chain. The piece is secured around the neck using the handmade toggle clasp as shown in image 3.

Gift Box: This item includes a luxury gift box as displayed in the image 4.

About the stones:

Botswana Agate: is a reassuring Stone and is known to support those who are in need of strength when in the midst of challenges. With soft tones of brown, pink, grey and apricot this stone is gentle yet protective and extremely stabilising. 


Pendant width: 3.75 inches 

Necklace Length: Approximately 18 inches 

Diameter of Larger Cosmic Medallion: 1.8 inches

Diameter of Small Cosmic Medallion: 1 inch

Total Length of Cosmic Medallions Combined: 4 inches 

Meanings of each Element:

Smaller Cosmic Medallion is symbolic of who we are at the hour of those challenges we may bear.  Larger Cosmic Medallion is symbolic of our expansion, strength and the guidance which assists us to walk in harmony with the will of the infinite.

Disclaimer: Metaphysical, crystal healing powers and crystal properties are not to be taken as confirmed advice.

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