Amethyst Loc Jewellery

Amethyst Loc Jewellery

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Adorn your Locs with this beautiful Amethyst and Cowrie Jewel. Handmade using high quality rose gold coloured copper wire. 

About the Gemstone:

Amethyst is known to aid spiritual enhancement it assists in raising ones vibration to higher consciousness. Cutting through illusions amethyst is a helpful friend for those who like to meditate, it is also known for inspiring healing divine love, inspiration and intuition.

Cowrie Shells  are connected to wealth, strength of the ocean, earth, power of destiny, prosperity, protection, humility respect. As well as the spiritual symbology of the cowrie shells, this diverse shell has also been used as currency in certain parts of Africa until around 1907.

Colours: may vary slightly due to photography

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