Clear Quartz Pendant & Ring

Clear Quartz Pendant & Ring

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Bring clarity into your life and manifest your desires with this beautiful Clear Quartz Pendant and Ring set, wrapped by hand in gold plated copper wire.

To match your unique style, the quartz crystal has been set horizontally on the pendant and vertically in the ring.



Size P 

Length of Clear Quartz Crystal: 1 inch approximately.  

Pendant Necklace:

Length of chain: 18inches approximately.

Length of Quartz: 1.5inches approximately. 

About the Crystal:

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is the master healer of the crystal world, bringing harmony and amplifying  the energies of other crystals. Know as the stone of the sun, it absorbs energy from sunlight and draws down divine light, storing and concentrating this energy so to release healing and vital vibrations.  A crystal of health, wealth and happiness because of its association with absorbing negativity from the atmosphere and transforming it into positivity.

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