Lemon Zeta Gemstone Earrings

Lemon Zeta Gemstone Earrings

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These luxury, handmade easy to wear multi coloured gemstone, drop earrings are a fascinating combination of contrasting colours. When the light catches the facets on these gemstones they truly come to life. Perfect for any occasion.

Amethyst: with its strong healing and cleansing powers is known as a natural tranquilizer. It is said that amethyst has the ability to transmute lower energies to the higher frequences of the spiritual and etheric realms. Being one of the most spiritual stones amethyst is excellent for meditation

Carnelian: a stone which is said to give courage, promote positive life changes and attitudes. Use carnelian to motivate success in business and other matters.  

Lemon Chalcedony: known to give protection. It is a powerful cleanser absorbing negative energy and dispelling it.   


Ear Wire: from top of wire to base, 1.5inches

Total length: 2.5inches

Disclaimer: Metaphysical, crystal healing powers and crystal properties are not to be taken as confirmed advice.

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