Esikyme Neon Apatite Earrings
Esikyme Neon Apatite Earrings
Esikyme Neon Apatite Earrings

Esikyme Neon Apatite Earrings

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The Esikyme earrings have been hand crafted using with malachite gemstones and cowrie shells the cowrie shells have been wire wrapped to create a bead cap so that they dangle elegantly when worn. The ear wire and chain used, are gold plated copper wire. 

Length of the Earrings: 3inches approximately. 

About the Gemstone:

Neon Apatite is known as a manifesting stone bringing ideas to reality as well as enhancing communication and self expression on all levels. 

Cowrie Shells 
are connected to the strength of the ocean. Used to ward off evil, make amulets, charms and adornments. They signify prosperity, wealth, power and strength. Once used as currency in Africa and recognised as such throughout the world.

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