Ethiopian Opal & Mexican Fire Opal Nugget Bracelet

Ethiopian Opal & Mexican Fire Opal Nugget Bracelet

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This beautiful Ethiopian Opal nugget bracelet displays a faceted Mexican Fire Opal charm. The warm orange tones,  mesmerising play of colour from violets, blues, reds, greens and yellows, will have you drifting away to mystical places.


About the Gemstone:


Wearing Opal is said to bring spontaneity, loyalty and faithfulness into ones life. Opals are known to bring good fortune, stimulate creativity, open up intuition, release inhibitions, encourage freedom and independence.

Item will be packaged in a gift box.

A perfect gift to an October Birthday.


Length approx: 8 inches

Length of Ethiopian Opal on Strand approx: 6 inches 


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