Fuchsia Falls

Fuchsia Falls

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These luxury, handmade easy to wear multi gemstone, drop earrings are a fascinating combination of rainbow moonstone and Fuchsia pink Keshi pearls. Experience mesmerising blue flashes from the rainbow moonstone when light catches the facets on these stunning gemstones along with a high lustre that exudes the Keshi pearls. Created using silver plated copper wire. These earrings truly come to life making them perfect to wear for any occasion.

About the Gemstones:

Rainbow Moonstone: know to be the stone of new beginnings and just like the phases of the moon, moonstone is a reminder that everything is linked to the cycle of change.

Fuchsia Pink Keshi Pearls: are know to bring to the wearer emotional balance and protection. They are symbolic of truth, purity and integrity. Wearing Pearls is said to attract wealth and good fortune.


Total length: 1.7 inches approximately 

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