Lisanda Cosmic Medallion Gemstone Necklace
Lisanda Cosmic Medallion Gemstone Necklace
Lisanda Cosmic Medallion Gemstone Necklace

Lisanda Cosmic Medallion Gemstone Necklace

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Deep within the planetary system’s constellation of Aries, approximately one hundred and thirty six light years from our Sun, Lisanda the daughter of Mars was born.

When Mars is faced with the decision of going to war in order to prevent chaos from destroying the Sun and the world, Lisanda’s self assertion and ability to be free from outside control leds to her becoming the Warrior Queen of her tribe and ruler of the quadruple Sun system.

Lisanda symbolises courage, growth, strength of character and self respect. 

This handmade piece has been created using gold coloured copper wire along with Hessonite Garnet gemstones.

The Lisanda necklace is another empowering addition to the Cosmic Medallion Collection.

About the Gemstone:

Hessonite Garnet encompasses the general healing properties of Garnet which is known for activating and attracting love, passion and success.
Hessonite Garnet is associated with increasing physical and mental activities, it is said to be supportive towards seeking out new challenges and is also known for opening up ones intuition.


Length of necklace: 24 inches
Diameter of Cosmic Medallion: 30mm

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