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Lupto Medallion Earrings

Lupto Medallion Earrings

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The Lupto Medallion earrings from the Cosmic Medallion collection, are crafted with Smokey Quartz and gold plated, copper wire.

Lupto, governed by a celestial body which lays beyond Neptune represents transformation. Lupto brings to the surface that which must be addressed and teaches how to leave that which does not serve. Offering protection whilst dispelling negative energies, Lupto’s grounding and balancing qualities aid in bringing in positive vibrations so that passion may flow naturally.

About the Stone:

Smoky Quartz is a protective, grounding and cleansing stone with its strong links to the earth this stone promotes solutions for the environment and ecological system. It is known to absorb electromagnetic smog as well as eliminate and detoxify on all levels thus having the ability to bring positive vibrations within a space.

Choose to wear formally or casually these versatile earrings ooze authenticity, creating a space for the wearer to express their own authentic self.

Measurements: the total earring height from top of the earwire to the bottom of design; approximately 4inches.

Diameter of Medallion: 1 inches approximately.

The design has been finished off with a handcrafted earwire. These earrings are lightweight therefore will not weigh the earlobe down.

Colours may vary slightly due to photography  

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