Merba Necklace

Merba Necklace

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Inspired by the rosary style necklaces this piece, named Merba, has been designed using yellow amber and green amber.

Each individual amber bead has been connected to the other using copper coloured, copper wire to create the chain. Attatched to the eye catching centre piece is a cowrie shell. The distinctive shell is secured to the chain by a hand crafted, wire beadcap. Necklace is adjustable so will fit easily over the head.

Amber: a crystalised resin found as far back as 8000 BCE is known for its strong connections with the earth. Believed to be the sap from ancient trees alive during the Matriarchy. Amber is deeply associated with feminine power and is thought to assist in helping women find their internal empowerment. Its healing properties are said to absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy.

Cowrie Shell: it is said cowrie shells are connected to wealth, strength of the ocean, earth, power of destiny, prosperity, protection, humility respect. As well as the spiritual symbology of the cowrie shells, this diverse shell has also been used as currency in certain parts of Africa until around 1907.

Size: Adjustable. Simply pull, gently, the corded tail ends; size will adjust. Suit according to your style.

Non extended length: approximately 14inches from the top of the cowrie, to the top of centre piece, to the centre piece of the adjustable cords.

Extended length: approximately 22inches from the top of the cowrie, to the top of centre piece, to the centre piece of the adjustable cords.

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