Thia - Red Jasper - Earrings
Thia - Red Jasper - Earrings

Thia - Red Jasper - Earrings

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Within the earthly bounds of our mortal realm burns the fire of the Divine. We huemans bear this fire within connecting us to the Divine Spirit through the ebbs and flows of the cosmos.
That power and balance is captured here in Thia; the square is representative of our mortal selves bound to this physical realm, while the Cosmic Medallion represents the burning spirit of the universe within.

Thia is a symbol of the infinite cosmos, the balance of creation and divinity within.

Measurements: the total earring height which is from the top of ear wire to the bottom of the design: 5cm

Diameter of Cosmic Medallion: 2cm

Perimeter of square: 8cm

About the Gemstone:

Red Jasper, the Stone of Warriors, was a popular stone for making seals and protective amulets. Its connection to the Earth makes it a powerful grounding energy gemstone for those who are looking to feel more at ease, stable and consciously present. Red Jasper is also linked to survival, abundance and moving forward in life.

Red Jasper is symbolically associated with the astrological sign Aries and the planet Mars.

Gift box: This item includes a luxury gift box as seen image two.

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