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Recently I had the privilege of working with a client’s crystal which on first inspection I presumed was clear quartz. While working with it, I was divinely guided to information which lead me to inspect it closer and to my surprise I discovered this piece to be an ancient crystal called as Lemurian Quartz also known as Lemurian Seed. These crystals are recognisable by the grooves or by the horizontal lines known as striations on the sides of it, which is what was visible on this piece, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to let my client know. 

To comprehend how far back these crystals go legend tells us the Lemurian civilisation, a peaceful, spiritual and highly advanced society, were here prior to the age of Atlantis. This civilisation worked intensely with these quartz type crystals, encoding them heavily with intentions of oneness, earth healing and how to connect with the cosmos. Once programmed the Lemurians hid these crystals by burying them in caves so that when they were found their ability to access ancient ancestral knowledge and wisdom would be unlocked and bestowed upon the world during a time when needed most.

These crystals are extremely powerful, they have the ability to amplify the energies of other crystals making them a remarkable tool for crystal healing work and meditation.

It is said when meditating with Lemurian Quartz if you run your fingers along the striations or grooves, also known as barcodes, you can access it’s ancient knowledge and wisdom as well as deepen your meditation.

Prior to knowing this quartz specimen was Lemurian it’s fair to say I was completely unaware of its abilities. I had no intention of unlocking its powers my only intention was to work with it in an open and pure manner. With that said I will share with you what was experienced and confirm that these crystals are extraordinarily strong. The intense power I noticed emitting from this crystal was the type of energy you’d feel when entering a sacred space and as my awareness expanded I began to feel the presence of someone or something very similar to that of a conscious high-ranking elder; one who you’d be compelled to respect. I was also noticed a powerful, protective energy from this crystal and could genuinely feel it sending out positive energy whilst absorbing and transmuting negativity which was remarkable.

I am super grateful & feel honoured to have been chosen for this project and to have experienced tapping into the ancient consciousness held within the spiritual realm of crystal work.

Below I’ve listed the before and after photos of what I intuitively created whilst working with this wonderful crystal.

Lemurian Quartz BeforeLemurian Quartz Front View Lemurian Quartz Side ViewLemurian Quartz Back View

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