Meet the Designer

Greetings and Welcome!

I’m Kasi, Founder & CEO of Kisani Menzi.

A self taught jewellery designer based in Kent, UK, who is passionate about creating stylish, handmade jewellery designs.

 Intuition, exploring ancient civilisations, and the beauty within the cosmos are my inspiration. When I’m creating a piece it’s like I’m journeying into constellations located deep within our universe allowing what I find to guide my creative ventures.

 Within the design process I often attach a story to pieces. The narrative portrays my jewellery as the main character entwined with planetary energies and cosmic mysteries. Within this dimension you the adorned can explore, embrace and experience your own journey of self discovery.

 I use genuine gemstones, precious metals and copper in my designs, and make sure that the best materials sourced from reputable suppliers. Each design I create is of the highest standard as I want you to feel the radiant quality when you receive your piece.

 For me creating jewellery is a way to express, celebrate and honour the uniqueness of my soul. I love working with my hands, and when someone is adorned in my designs, I want them to embrace jewellery as a statement reminder that, their Authentic Soul is the ultimate freedom of expression.