May the Quartz be with You!

Are you aware of how much of this mineral surrounds us on a daily basis?
Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found today. It’s has a multitude of uses such as in computers, watches, glass making and of course jewellery.
Below are a list of affirmations that you can use along side your favourite quartz crystals:
Clear Quartz - manifestation crystal, amplifies the energy of other crystals
  • I am pure, beautiful, radiant light
  • I give myself permission to heal
  • My current circumstances are another opportunity to grow
  • I am guided by the universe.

Rose Quartz - Linked to Love, friendship, family and your soul
  • My aura is glowing pink as Rose Quartz and I am attracting positive love into my life
  • I infuse this rose quartz with love peace and joy. When I place it in the middle of our home the entire family benefits from it’s good vibrations.

Amethyst - use for spiritual awareness, raising your vibration to higher consciousness, peace and balance.
  • I can achieve anything I put my mind to
  • I am connected to all that is 
  • I trust my intuition
  • I accept myself totally

Tiger’s Eye Quartz - associated with protection, strength and courage
  • I am fearless
  • I am a strong confident person
  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals
  • My determination and willpower become stronger each day
  • I will not let negative beliefs stand in the way of my success
  • I am, calm, centred and grounded
If you have the crystals mentioned, it would be great opportunity to team them up with the affirmations and experiment to see what you outcome is. If you don’t have the crystals mentioned you can always reach out to me with a request, however I want you to know that saying affirmations without crystals are just as empowering as practicing with them.
Hapi May 4th and May the Quartz be with You!
Kasi x 


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