Aquamarine Sterling Silver Bracelet
Aquamarine Sterling Silver Bracelet

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Unique and stylish handmade 8mm Aquamarine beaded bracelet with a sterling silver Buddha bead and a sterling silver ball slider bead. The slider bead allows the bracelet to be adjustable so that it will fit all sizes. Between each round bead is a knot this design endures that should the cord break only one bead will fall off, as well as bringing to the piece a unique design knotting prevents the beads from knocking each other therefore creating longevity of these precious gemstones. 

About the Gemstones:

Aquamarine is known as the stone of courage protection, luck and fearlessness. It is a calming and balancing stone which creates peace of mind. It helps one speak their truth with confidence,  assists one with communicating clearly by showing compassion and empathy towards others. Aquamarine is also know to enhance intuition and self expression. 

Colours: may vary slightly due to photography.

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